Want to Beautify your Bedroom? Here Are Five Home Decor Hacks To Do So

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Bedroom is the best place to relax when you are at home. The cosy bed, soft blankets, Air conditioner and what not, everything is there to pamper you all through the day. Albeit, its your personal place but still it has to look exuberant and exotic, right? So, why keep it simple and dull? Add some extra pop of colours and enhance your bedroom with some fashionable home decor style this weekend. Here are five classic and reasonable ways to decorate your sweet place without digging a hole in your pocket! Keep your bedroom beautiful everyday. 1.Dress the bed with Bohemian bedding sets: The bohemian style has stolen the heart of in numerous interior decorators as well fashion experts. These bedding sets with beautiful Mandala prints are the talk of the town.  To give a chic look to your room cover the bed with these beautiful home decor pieces with matching pillow covers and see the magic! You will yourself feel the change in the ambience of the room. The Amazing combination of colours spread all over the bed will spur you like never before. Feeling pumped up already? So, what are you waiting for, bring home the set of adorable and colourful bohemian beddings to beautify the bedroom in next to no time. To add that fresh feel, do not forget to put a throw blanket covered with the Bohemian styled duvet cover  at one corner of the bed.. 2.Use softer lighting:. Lights in the room decide its ambience. If its too loud and bright you will start feeling uncomfortable in some time. So, keep it cosy and simple and add a softer lighting in your room to have a peaceful and pleasant environment.  Bedside lamps with shades are mostly recommended; you can also use warm low wattage bulbs and make your bedroom look like a paradise on earth.. 3.Bedsheets can be the wall hangings:. Bohemian bedding set with beautiful designs and patterns is no less than a full size wall hanging. You can use it to cover the bare walls of your room and enjoy the exotic beauty like a king or a queen. The entire wall hidden behind the beautiful face of exquisitely designed bedsheet with amazing Mandala patterns, will make the room all new and fresh.. 4. You also need a floor rug:. Your feet will be obliged if you spread a soft floor rug beneath your bed. It will not only help you land on a clean surface but will also add a luxurious hotel like feeling. A thick yet comfortable and easy to clean floor rug will complete the decoration of your room perfectly. The bedroom will look standard and clutter free.. 5. Add some floral aroma:. Last but not the least, aromatic room will definitely make you fall for it. So, bring home some fabric sprays to light up your mood with the captivating floral aroma. This spray will make your bedsheets, curtains and linen smell amazing making your room a cosy and mesmerising haven to reside. These simple yet effective hacks will make your room remain adorable everyday without adding any extra decoration even on occasions. Mandala bedding sets, floor rungs and some floral fabric sprays are enough to set the latest home decor goals. Save
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