Mandala Tapestry Not Only Acts As A Decor But Also A Symbol Of Hinduism!!

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When it comes to human beings, sleep is what makes him normal. Sleep is a main body function that every individual should get. Sleep has a lot of benefits. Sleep is important in healing and repairing of the blood vessels and heart. Sleep also helps in supporting healthy brain function, physical health, mental health etc. Sleep also has an impact in health. Sleeping helps in maintaining a healthy balanced diet by balancing hormones that make one hungry or full. In children and teenage people, sleeping plays an important role for growth and development. Sleeping has five stages in human life. Stage 1 is where the person can be awakened easily. There is movement in the eyes and muscles. This is when many people experience the feel of muscle contractions. It is also called hypnic myoclonic. This is often preceded by the sense of starting to fall and the person jerks in most cases. The second stage is where the eye movement stops and muscle contractions become slower with occasional bursts of rapid waves called sleep spindles. The third stage of sleep is where the brain waves slow down. In the fourth stage of sleep, delta waves are produced exclusively fast. It is difficult to wake someone in the stages of 3 and 4, which is called as the deep sleep. It is in this stage that people cannot be awakened and there is no muscle activity and eye movement. If awakened they feel groggy and this disoriented feel, lasts for several minutes after they wake up. Nightmares, bedwetting, sleep walking are also because of this. REM is the fifth stage that one passes during sleep. The breathing becomes rapid and irregular, the eyes jerk rapidly in various directions, muscles get paralyzed and this is the reason penis erection takes place in men during the early hours of the morning. It is also the stage where people get illogical tales and describe nightmares called the dreams. Sleep is not important if it is not in the right place. Many surveys have proved that they get a good sleep when the mattress is good.

Bedding Materials

Mattress plays a very important role in sleep. Mattress is the bed material that is laid on top of the bed. Today, Bed comes in varies materials like memory foam, feathers etc. Many people use a quilt or a bed spread on top of it for protecting the bed from damage, as a decoration purpose etc. When it comes to bed materials, there are number of bed clothes or materials. They are the top sheet, Bottom sheet, coverlet, bedspread, blanket, comforter, Duvet, Duvet cover, pillow, pillow cover, decorative pillow, pillowcase, pillow sham, bed skirt, throw blanket etc.


There are different bed sheets sold which also depict the art and culture of previous civilization. The cloths are laid over the bed or sofas or even hung in walls as décor. They have painted geometric shapes in it, woven with colorful threads. One can purchase them online in popular sites like the Amazon or the eBay. The most popular tapestry designs are the Mandala Tapestry, Bohemian Tapestry etc. They depict the culture and the ancient Hinduism and Buddhism spiritual symbols. It is said that the mandala tapestry represents the cosmos or the appearance of the galaxy symbolically. Bringing this into the bedroom is always a dream. Save
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