Here’s How You Can Make Your Bed Quickly

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You might have seen your mothers making the bed every morning. It not only enhances the appearance of your room but also makes it look clean and tidy. Bed in the room is the major centre of attraction and if it remains all set, the whole space beautifies. But how to make your own bed quickly and flawlessly when your mom is not around? This blog lists some of the easy ways to tuck the beautiful bohemian bedsheets properly and make this difficult task a piece of cake for you.

Get started!

1.Clear away that clutter: Your parents are not home and your bed is full of pillows, blankets, books and eatables, right? So, first clear all that clutter right away and put it aside(not on the floor). Remove the bedding set from the bed and also the pillow covers. Choose a Mandala bedding set, designed with exquisite patterns to spread it on your bed.

2.Spread the sheet on the bed: Its time to drape your bed in the beautiful Bohemian bedseet chosen by you. While covering the mattress make sure, the longer side of the bedsheet should be towards the top of the bed. If there are some adorable patterns on it then let it be on the lower side of the bed such that the pattern is visible from the front.

3. Cover the pillows too: The Bohemian bedding set is incomplete without the matching pillow covers. Hence, remove old pillow covers and cover them with the new one. The amazing combination will beautify your room to the next level.

4.Tucking the bedsheet under mattress: Now comes the trickiest part. Generally, you just tuck the hanging corners of the bedsheet under the mattress and it is quite simple but what you get in the end is a wrinkled bedding set . To tuck the bdsheet tightly under the mattress wrinkle free, you have to first tuck the lower side of the hanging bedsheet. On one side of the bed, lift up and fold a piece of the top sheet on the mattress some inches away from the legs of the bed, such that it forms a 45 degree angle from the corner of the mattress. Hold the folded part of sheet, tuck the rest part of the bedsheet hanging below the mattress on that side of the bed. This will make your bed look flawless.

5.Put whatever you want: Your bed is now ready and you can put your duvets or blankets over it but in an artistic way. Fold the blanket and put it on the lower side of the bed and arrange the pillows neatly on the upper side. You can also arrange some soft and fluffy embellished cushions in the upright position leaning against the pillows. Your bed is complete to amaze your parents when they are home.

Only a few steps and you can make not only your bed but the whole room look mesmerizing, clean and tidy. Follow these ways and surprise your mom with a beautiful and clean room when she returns from a hectic journey. Exotic Bedding sets with bohemian designs when spread all over neatly will definitely make everyone go crazy!
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