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Top Gift Ideas For Your Friends And family

Friends and family both make an integral part of our lives. Be it our happy times, sad hours or a casual day, we need them by our side. So, you should also do something to make them feel special. What can be better than presenting them with a wonderful useful gift? This blog highlights some of the really presentable gift items which are not only cosy and priceless but worthwhile too.

Amazing Mandala bedding sets

To help your colleagues, friends or relatives add some new decoration to their interiors gift them with a beautiful mandala printed bedding set. It’s cosy, comfortable, easy to maintain and reasonable. Gifting this amazing item will bring a wide smile on their face and they will be impressed definitely. Check out some of the latest pieces and help them make their room look ravishing.

Cosy Mandala duvet covers

Crafted from pure cotton and printed with natural vegetable dyes the, the Mandala duvet cover set enhances the beauty of the room. If you gift these adorable sets you will gift them a bundle of joy. The keenly designed patterns on the bohemian duvet covers offer an indo western feel to the entire place.

Adorable Tapestries

Gifting a multipurpose thing adds to the importance and Mandala tapestries are something the same. These can be used as tapestries, wall hangings or even full size bedsheets providing the best benefits. Soft texture and attractive Mandala designs on the tapestries perk up its beauty and comfort. Surprise your friends with this unique gift.

Comfortable beach throws

Make your friend’s or family’s vacation comfortable and glitch free by gifting round Mandala beach towels. Enough in size, impressive and designed with indo western bohemian art, the Mandala round beach throws will help them enjoy the cool sea breeze flawlessly. And yes, they will definitely thank you for this unique and amazing idea.

Mandala Handbags

Specifically for the ladies, Mandala handbags are the best gift ever. Whether she is your friend, sister, mother or any near or dear one, a wide smile will cover her face when gifted with this attractive gift. Beautifully designed with the real traditional artwork and superior quality material, these handbags are one in many.

These are some of the best items which can make your loved ones happy to the core. Impressive, attractive and useful, these items refresh the place wherever used and also pep up the ambience. A frequent change in interiors is a must as it not only makes your home look alive but also fills you with new confidence and zeal. There are many more such items which can be gifted on any occasion like wedding, get together, anniversary or birthdays making the day more meaningful and jovial. Go through our wide range of home decor items and we ensure you will definitely find something you ever desired for.

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You Need Beautiful Duvet Covers To Glam Up Your Room

If you are a sleepy bird, then the most important thing for you right now is your bed and it is more dear to you when covered with a cosy and pleasant duvet cover. These comfortable pieces are easy to wash, maintain and are a fantastic way to glam up the room. Available in various sizes, beautiful prints and exotic designs, duvet covers let you change the decor of your room quickly.

Especially, hand woven cotton covers are not only impressive but also protect your bed sheet, and down comforter from stains and dust. Extra softness and durability makes it easy to spin in the washing machine and dryer to dry it quickly. Various Mandala Duvet covers hand crafted and printed in different colours and styles go well with any kind of home decor. To enhance the decoration just pair it up with different accent pillows and throws.

Mandala duvet sets render a Bohemian feel and pump up your energy to the next level. This design is very popular among high end interior designers as these indo western prints drape your bed in the most lavish way. Most of the duvet covers are properly crafted and completed with polished details such as proper borders and side piping. The longer you use it the more you fell in love with it. Cotton duvet covers are the best because they can bear the wear and tear for long as these are sturdy and durable. Less expensive yet adorable, you can change your room decor using these Mandala Duvet sets quite frequently.

The classic Bohemian design printed duvet covers are so splendid and mesmerising that you can style up your child’s room with it. Rendering a peaceful charm and serene beauty, these home decor pieces are loved by all, even your children will appreciate it to the core. If you are planning a get together and your room seems to be dull just cover your bed sheets with amazing duvet cover and rejuvenate the ambience. There’s no need to add anything extra when some selective pieces are there in your home.

For something truly different and new, you need these amazing Mandala duvet sets to set the new home decoration goals. Search for the best piece that perfectly matches with your room’s colour theme and style. Well crafted duvet covers are made of resilient cotton fabric which prevents it from fading. Hence, these adorable sets can undergo multiple washings without any degradation in quality or shade. Ever bright and providing a fun way to make your bed room alive, duvet covers highlight the beauty of the place.

So, if you love your bed, bedsheets and room, spend just a little bit extra to own brand new, adorable and inexpensive duvet covers to protect them. Online availability of beautiful piece has made it easier to search for the best quality, appropriate size and design sitting at home.

Order your favourite piece of Mandala Duvet cover from our latest collection and add to the beauty of your room…

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Ravishing Ways to Style Your Bed!!

Making your bed is an everyday chore and it’s quite boring too, but styling it up is one thing you will enjoy definitely.  Whether you have friends coming over, want to throw a party or just want a glamorous room all for yourself, there’s no need to spend on silly decorative items. We have got real and effective ways to style your bed lavishly.

Go through some of our easy breezy hacks and we are sure you will like these to the core.

If you want a fluffy bed:

A bed should be so comfortable and warm, that as you look at it, you just think to jump over and take a quick nap! A fluffy and soft bed is the most preferred one nowadays and it will be forever. So, either cover it up with lightweight duvet cover or with two soft quilts and render an exceptional comfort along with style to your entire room. If a cosy duvet cover is on your mind then go for the ones designed with beautiful traditional patterns. Mandala duvet covers throw an indo western look, trending these days.

Bed skirts and bedsheets:

As you are upto giving a new look to your room and bed, its better to add a bedskirt. If your bed has metallic legs, bedskirt will hide it completed making it look upholstered. Beyond this, try to match up the bed skirt with the bedsheet to add an extra exuberance to the decoration.

Its not always the linens:

If your bed is too fancy, you will definitely not want it to cover up with duvet sets and bedsheets.  Flaunt the beauty of your decorative bed with minimal use of bed linens. Use white bedding and very few pillows such that its charm does not fade away. Make your bed look as the centre of attraction in your room.

Folded duvet cover at the bottom:

To make the bed even more cosy and warm, tuck the quilts under the mattress and fold a fancy duvet cover at the bottom. Generally people do the vice versa. Mandala duvet sets with exquisite range of traditional and western patterns are the best option to render a mesmerizing charm to the entire place and you will not need anything else to glam up your room.

Duvet covers and throw pillows:

To add an extra spark to your room, a single duvet cover printed with bohemian patterns is enough to add some new texture to your bed. Cover the mattress with warm duvet cover and arrange some throw pillows with mix and match of colours. This combination will add some fun pattern and pep you up to enjoy the day!

Combination of bright, light and neutral:

When you have tried all the options and you are still looking up for more, this style will fulfil all the dearth of ways. Use a bright coloured Mandala duvet cover with matching pillows, pair it up with a light patterned bedsheet and neutral throw folded at the bottom of the bed.

These hacks will perk up the beauty of your bedroom and fill you up with confidence!!

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Did you know Home Decor Items Can Make Your beach Holidays Memorable?

Amazing summers, mild sunshine and the immortal sea in front of you pictures a peaceful beach holiday. Soft sand all over the shores makes you sit down and admire the beauty of nature. So, to make this vacation wonderful and help you enjoy it in a better way, you need to take help of some home decor items. Sounds confusing? No need to get confused because this is true that you can carry soft and light Round Mandala beach towels with you anytime and anywhere to use it as a beach throw and rest near the clear ocean waters in peace, making your beach vacation super awesome!

Not only mandala towels but you can even spread beautiful bohemian tapestries on the sand and take a nap in the lap of nature.

Another use of round mandala towels is to use them as a beach cover. If the sun is too bright and you are afraid of getting a tanned skin, no need to worry because now you have exquisite beach covers printed with very fine and adorable bohemian designs and patterns. Useful, comfortable and stylish, these mandala towels will spur you to move out in the sun without any fear and have fun on the beach.

Variety of designs printed on these towels look cool and also gives your personality a chic style when covered all over. Perfect size of the towel covers you completely hence saving you from the harsh heat and bright sun.

In numerous varieties of mandala towels are available. Here are some of them you can choose from:

1.Mandala Roundie with multicoloured pom poms:

Pom poms on the boundary of the round towel enhance the beauty and look. Amazing sea green colour used on white background to print the fine Manadla design render a mesmerising and cosy appearance to the towel.

2.Pink Maroon Peacock feather printed Roundie:

Another adorable piece to carry on your beach holiday is this beautiful roundie with peacock feather patterns printed in a circle in pink and maroon colour. The multicoloured pom poms embellishing the towel, enhance its beauty to the next level.

3.Blue Yellow Green mandala beach towel with tassels:

Cotton tassels surrounding the whole roundie add to its beauty. Amazing colour combination and keenly designed patterns on the towel are enough to make you fall for it.

4.Blue white elephant star mandala beach roundie:

As royal as its name and colour, this roundie will definitely make your vacation a super fun as you can enjoy the sea shore comfortably. Graceful royal colour and star pattern makes it look traditional also.

5.Dark green multi floral roundie with tassels:

This round towel has a special impact in adorning your personality when used as a beach cover. The grand floral print right in the centre and fine floral patterns all around render it a fascinating look. The pretty dark green colour is always appreciated.

These were only a few examples show casing the royal bohemian designed mandala towels. There are abundance of styles, patterns and colours defining these exclusive pieces. So, its time to bring home these magical and adorable towels, as now you know how useful they are. Be it a beach holiday, a trek or any vacation, you need to sit on the ground and using these towels will make it comfortable and memorable.


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Here’s How You Can Make Your Bed Quickly

You might have seen your mothers making the bed every morning. It not only enhances the appearance of your room but also makes it look clean and tidy. Bed in the room is the major centre of attraction and if it remains all set, the whole space beautifies. But how to make your own bed quickly and flawlessly when your mom is not around? This blog lists some of the easy ways to tuck the beautiful bohemian bedsheets properly and make this difficult task a piece of cake for you.

Get started!

1.Clear away that clutter:
Your parents are not home and your bed is full of pillows, blankets, books and eatables, right? So, first clear all that clutter right away and put it aside(not on the floor). Remove the bedding set from the bed and also the pillow covers. Choose a Mandala bedding set, designed with exquisite patterns to spread it on your bed.

2.Spread the sheet on the bed:
Its time to drape your bed in the beautiful Bohemian bedseet chosen by you. While covering the mattress make sure, the longer side of the bedsheet should be towards the top of the bed. If there are some adorable patterns on it then let it be on the lower side of the bed such that the pattern is visible from the front.

3. Cover the pillows too:
The Bohemian bedding set is incomplete without the matching pillow covers. Hence, remove old pillow covers and cover them with the new one. The amazing combination will beautify your room to the next level.

4.Tucking the bedsheet under mattress:
Now comes the trickiest part. Generally, you just tuck the hanging corners of the bedsheet under the mattress and it is quite simple but what you get in the end is a wrinkled bedding set . To tuck the bdsheet tightly under the mattress wrinkle free, you have to first tuck the lower side of the hanging bedsheet. On one side of the bed, lift up and fold a piece of the top sheet on the mattress some inches away from the legs of the bed, such that it forms a 45 degree angle from the corner of the mattress. Hold the folded part of sheet, tuck the rest part of the bedsheet hanging below the mattress on that side of the bed. This will make your bed look flawless.

5.Put whatever you want:
Your bed is now ready and you can put your duvets or blankets over it but in an artistic way. Fold the blanket and put it on the lower side of the bed and arrange the pillows neatly on the upper side. You can also arrange some soft and fluffy embellished cushions in the upright position leaning against the pillows. Your bed is complete to amaze your parents when they are home.

Only a few steps and you can make not only your bed but the whole room look mesmerizing, clean and tidy. Follow these ways and surprise your mom with a beautiful and clean room when she returns from a hectic journey. Exotic Bedding sets with bohemian designs when spread all over neatly will definitely make everyone go crazy!

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Creative Ways To Use Exquisite Bohemian Tapestries

Bohemian art and design is in trend and it will be there for years to come. Amazing Mandala patterns, fine figures, geometrical shapes spell the magic not only when printed on apparels but also  on home decor pieces like Tapestries.  Full size cotton spreads covered with plethora of colours and bohemian designs look exceptionally stunning. You now have an easy and reasonable way to decorate your home in the most lavish style.

Tapestries are not limited to certain uses but there are many creative ways to use these lovely home decor pieces: Let’s explore!

1.Let The Walls Of Your Room Experience Beauty:
Yes, tapestries are the best option to be used as a wall hanging. Use a Mandala print or a floral one, every design will drench the bare walls in exquisite beauty. It will not only make the room look adorable but will also spur you to pep up. Adding some extra pop of colours and style to your room these tapestries are a wonderful example of art and handicrafts.

2.Make your Beach Holidays Glorious:
How amazing is that feeling when you are on the beach, admiring the vast ocean waters and the light sunshine drizzles upon you. To help you experience more fun and comfort on your beach holiday, carry the authentically designed and crafted bohemian tapestries with you. Spread them over the sand and take a nap under the vast blue sky near the never ending sea and feel.  You will experience the comfort like never before.

3.Drape yourself when on a beach holiday:
When you are on a beach holiday and want to stay away from the bright sun, tapestries are here for you. You can cover yourself using these mesmerizing pieces of beauty, comfort and style. Pure cotton is soft on your skin and will let you stay away from the bright sunrays.

4.Various covers for your home furniture:
Tapestries are no doubt very useful. These home decoration pieces have multipurpose utilities and one of them is to be used is as various types of covers. You can use them creatively as your bedsheet, table cover, chair covers and sofa covers. These elegant pieces when draped all over will definitely make you fall in love with them.

5.Make It a Couch Throw:
If you want your living room to be lively and full of colours, don’t forget these tapestries. The large Mandala Tapestry when used as couch throw, leaves everyone spell bound with its exotic aura.  Bring home some really fascinating pieces and make your couch a luxurious furniture of your home.

6. You definitely need these exotic curtains:
Yes, you read it right, tapestries can also be used as curtains. Use it as a sliding curtain or a simple one on your window, it will always have that mesmerizing appeal. Soft cotton curtains, filtering the light rays of the sun and flowing with the light breeze will steal your heart right away.

These were some of the useful and stylish ways to use the tapestries in your home in a little twisted and creative way. But creativity has no end, there might be several other ways of using it. If you think we have left any, then share your ideas here!

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Want to Beautify your Bedroom? Here Are Five Home Decor Hacks To Do So

Bedroom is the best place to relax when you are at home. The cosy bed, soft blankets, Air conditioner and what not, everything is there to pamper you all through the day. Albeit, its your personal place but still it has to look exuberant and exotic, right? So, why keep it simple and dull? Add some extra pop of colours and enhance your bedroom with some fashionable home decor style this weekend.
Here are five classic and reasonable ways to decorate your sweet place without digging a hole in your pocket! Keep your bedroom beautiful everyday.

1.Dress the bed with Bohemian bedding sets:

The bohemian style has stolen the heart of in numerous interior decorators as well fashion experts. These bedding sets with beautiful Mandala prints are the talk of the town.  To give a chic look to your room cover the bed with these beautiful home decor pieces with matching pillow covers and see the magic! You will yourself feel the change in the ambience of the room. The Amazing combination of colours spread all over the bed will spur you like never before. Feeling pumped up already? So, what are you waiting for, bring home the set of adorable and colourful bohemian beddings to beautify the bedroom in next to no time. To add that fresh feel, do not forget to put a throw blanket covered with the Bohemian styled duvet cover  at one corner of the bed..

2.Use softer lighting:.

Lights in the room decide its ambience. If its too loud and bright you will start feeling uncomfortable in some time. So, keep it cosy and simple and add a softer lighting in your room to have a peaceful and pleasant environment.  Bedside lamps with shades are mostly recommended; you can also use warm low wattage bulbs and make your bedroom look like a paradise on earth..

3.Bedsheets can be the wall hangings:.

Bohemian bedding set with beautiful designs and patterns is no less than a full size wall hanging. You can use it to cover the bare walls of your room and enjoy the exotic beauty like a king or a queen. The entire wall hidden behind the beautiful face of exquisitely designed bedsheet with amazing Mandala patterns, will make the room all new and fresh..

4. You also need a floor rug:.

Your feet will be obliged if you spread a soft floor rug beneath your bed. It will not only help you land on a clean surface but will also add a luxurious hotel like feeling. A thick yet comfortable and easy to clean floor rug will complete the decoration of your room perfectly. The bedroom will look standard and clutter free..

5. Add some floral aroma:.

Last but not the least, aromatic room will definitely make you fall for it. So, bring home some fabric sprays to light up your mood with the captivating floral aroma. This spray will make your bedsheets, curtains and linen smell amazing making your room a cosy and mesmerising haven to reside.
These simple yet effective hacks will make your room remain adorable everyday without adding any extra decoration even on occasions. Mandala bedding sets, floor rungs and some floral fabric sprays are enough to set the latest home decor goals.


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10 Home Design Traits Loved By Someone With Bohemian Heart !!

If you are trying to find the indications, here we have listed 10 of them to prove that your home is a representation of your gypsy spirit.

You Have A No Filter Mind-Set In The Direction Of Colours

For you, colours reveal your mood. Your areas hold myriad colours as if every room commemorates a side of your dazzling character. Whether downplayed or bold, colours face no discrimination in your residence and hence the case with Mandala Duvet Cover is also the same.

You Have Lots Of Plants

Plants are your best friends. You have an excellent collection of greens in practically every edge of your home.

You Know Patterns Function Best With Patterns

Your love for patterns and appearances mirrors in your decorative style. Whether it is integrating a set of paddings or photo frames or merely positioning two decorative objects next to each various other, you could play with patterns like a pro.

You Have Vast Rugs, Lanterns, And Paddings

Carpets cover many components of the floor of your home. Paddings and throws find themselves frantically existing on every seat area and there is no dearth of differently sized lights around.

Minimalism Is A Word You Could Not Relate To

According to you, the decor is not about arranging minimally around one center item. It is about introducing countless artworks like Bohemian Duvet Cover in a pleasant chaotic fashion without complying with fancy decoration policies.

You Are In Love With Covers And Beaded Curtains

You are definitely a passionate follower of the boho style if your bed is mimicked a cover and you love to remain cuddled in. In your home, handmade drapes act as room separators or merely address your bohemian whims.

You Have Fascinating Furniture

You never purchase the most up to date styles and designs of furniture. Rather, you hunt around flea markets and yard sales for furniture which has an intriguing background. You love to collect antique pieces, specifically the hand painting, differently painted ones.

Your Home Is A Spiritual Retreat

Your home exhibits a calm and relaxing environment even with the little disorderly decoration. There are fresh blossoms and the odor of the room of scent.

Your Tapestries Certify As Wall Surface Art

You have a bohemian heart if you love hanging various textured tapestries on the wall surfaces along with the various other wall arts.

Your Bed Exudes Creative Grandeur

Your 4 poster bohemian bed linens is easily covered in mandala bed linens sets, finished with patchworks, cushions, cushions and some rice lights, for that added drama.

The most intriguing aspect of bohemian decor is that there are no proposed rules. You combine a collection of non-matching items which when put in the most disorderly way, appeals to the looks and make originality in its very own.

In addition to setting up mandala tapestries as wall surface dangling, you can also use them as blankets, table towels, curtains, beach tosses, patio dangling, barbecue coverings and couch covers. You can additionally use them for dorm decoration, restaurant decoration or wedding/festival decoration. They make perfect gifts for almost every occasion.


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Overview Of Bedding And Modes To Communicate Traders !!

Development in online links resolve the clarification within short span and everyday bedding sets are update by team. Online orders are accept by team and based upon the work additional offers support by traders. King mandala and wall hangings list in product categories offer from low to high prices. Search the filter by price, size and prompt shipping is achieve by online links. Mandala bedding sets in Shri Mandala offer home decoration materials and in turn seems attractive. Authentic traditional combination experience by customers and pillow covers available in different sizes and design. Handcraft and designs by hardworking artisans and labours. Secure delivery to people from different parts of world is achieves through online pages. Global platform to show case the Indian artisans hard work make them to stay effective. Responsive customer support team inspires the developers and shopping system with supreme payment security rank best.

Instant Response From Supporters

Easy replacement of damage materials and queries are resolve in different languages. Assistance offers for international recipients include United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and United States. Express shipping option while placing order will deliver within three to four days. Return services in excellent manner impress everyone to make the purchase in popular stores like Shri mandala. Share the benefits through social networking forums and positive feedback improves the client support. Round floor pillows, hand bags are sale by retailers for flexible prices and payment accept through PayPal, credit or debit cards. Unlike other webpages registration is not mandatory or placing orders and confirmation of order send to mail address provide by registrants. Service of traders subject to change based upon the country and hyperlinks are effective to resolve the clarifications. Safe online transaction service is important for brand promotion and enhances the client network. Broad ranges of design relate to bed sheets share in official website support viewers to pick favorite design in short span. Compare the price of different traders and analyze the quality for better savings.

Forum For Resolve Common Clarifications

Official forum is effective to understand the concept of purchase and recommend others through blogs. Friendly support offer in different timings make everyone to engage with Bohemian Bedding supporters. In case product cancel after confirm the order additional service charges deduct from customers. Returning of materials should make through standard postal services. Necessary materials for exchange or damage should send to official team by people to avoid discrepancies. Toll free numbers are list in webpage for instant clarification and documents request by trader advice to fill instantly.

Wholesale orders are accept by team and special gifts provide for customers. Enter the valid name, mail address, website links and items require by clients for confirm the wholesale order. Images upload in website should be exciting and using additional software increases the beauty. Wall hanging tapestries brief with different features and prices give overview for viewers. Design made by experts is share through mail address. Team maintains experts chat through web links for instant support. Maximize the benefits by chose the Shri Mandala professionals for order bedding than common retailers.


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Mandala Tapestry Not Only Acts As A Decor But Also A Symbol Of Hinduism!!

When it comes to human beings, sleep is what makes him normal. Sleep is a main body function that every individual should get. Sleep has a lot of benefits. Sleep is important in healing and repairing of the blood vessels and heart. Sleep also helps in supporting healthy brain function, physical health, mental health etc. Sleep also has an impact in health. Sleeping helps in maintaining a healthy balanced diet by balancing hormones that make one hungry or full. In children and teenage people, sleeping plays an important role for growth and development. Sleeping has five stages in human life. Stage 1 is where the person can be awakened easily. There is movement in the eyes and muscles. This is when many people experience the feel of muscle contractions. It is also called hypnic myoclonic. This is often preceded by the sense of starting to fall and the person jerks in most cases. The second stage is where the eye movement stops and muscle contractions become slower with occasional bursts of rapid waves called sleep spindles. The third stage of sleep is where the brain waves slow down. In the fourth stage of sleep, delta waves are produced exclusively fast. It is difficult to wake someone in the stages of 3 and 4, which is called as the deep sleep. It is in this stage that people cannot be awakened and there is no muscle activity and eye movement. If awakened they feel groggy and this disoriented feel, lasts for several minutes after they wake up. Nightmares, bedwetting, sleep walking are also because of this. REM is the fifth stage that one passes during sleep. The breathing becomes rapid and irregular, the eyes jerk rapidly in various directions, muscles get paralyzed and this is the reason penis erection takes place in men during the early hours of the morning. It is also the stage where people get illogical tales and describe nightmares called the dreams. Sleep is not important if it is not in the right place. Many surveys have proved that they get a good sleep when the mattress is good.

Bedding Materials

Mattress plays a very important role in sleep. Mattress is the bed material that is laid on top of the bed. Today, Bed comes in varies materials like memory foam, feathers etc. Many people use a quilt or a bed spread on top of it for protecting the bed from damage, as a decoration purpose etc. When it comes to bed materials, there are number of bed clothes or materials. They are the top sheet, Bottom sheet, coverlet, bedspread, blanket, comforter, Duvet, Duvet cover, pillow, pillow cover, decorative pillow, pillowcase, pillow sham, bed skirt, throw blanket etc.


There are different bed sheets sold which also depict the art and culture of previous civilization. The cloths are laid over the bed or sofas or even hung in walls as décor. They have painted geometric shapes in it, woven with colorful threads. One can purchase them online in popular sites like the Amazon or the eBay. The most popular tapestry designs are the Mandala Tapestry, Bohemian Tapestry etc. They depict the culture and the ancient Hinduism and Buddhism spiritual symbols. It is said that the mandala tapestry represents the cosmos or the appearance of the galaxy symbolically. Bringing this into the bedroom is always a dream.